hype-links // edition No. 1 featuring some soloprenuer self-reflection

Here are some cool things worth checking out.  In this set of hype-links you will find some entrepreneur-focused articles - good reads whether you are the CEO of a business or you are the CEO of your life!

  • How a clean slate may help bring back helpful habits.
  • Making sure to focus on income-generating work will be your best chance to, wait for it, bring in the money.  
  • Are we wired to need bosses?
  • Manage employees?  Strategize ahead of the burnout, it is coming!
  • Want to focus on the task at hand?  Relax without distraction?  Try Noisli.

Happy reading - let me know which of these articles really spoke to you most!

two songs as one for today

Thanks to "my bandmate" Liam of The Family Crest for brining this to my attention, and the amazing way John and Paul wrote for each other, even when apart...

What song are you feeling today?


online like it's 2007!

It's great to just do and not think, eh?  Thinking has gotten me tied up in lists and behind on dreams. Today I just jumped in and focused on income activities.  What activities generate money?  Blog posts? Not yet, maybe with advertisers and affiliates?  But need more readers too!!!  Painting?  Yes - got some of those.  Had many pieces admired during my open studios.  How about making them accessible for collecting?

So I did that thing that invites money, I posted two paintings in my etsy shop.  Though I had opened my etsy account in 2009, my shop had never been set up and so now my shop open date is officially tomorrow (as it's marked in east coast time).  That's good.  It won't look like my art's sat around online for 5 years :)

Check it out if you like.  Here.  

And the title of this post?  2007 is when I first put on a list that I would make and sell items on etsy.  Now I know lists are toxic to my productivity.  

i love music.

etta james recording @ muscle shoals

I love music.

I love how it rips at my soul.

I love how musicians bare their pain and make us feel.

I love how something so painful can end up a thing of beauty and make us feel connected with each other, with ourselves.

I love how collaborations can happen, one singular cause, bringing those at odds together.

I love music; I love how it saves our souls.

wilson pickett @ muscle shoals

I love music.

I love how it rips my heart out and throws it on the floor.

I love how music then lifts it back up and holds it towards the heavens.

I love how music makes me feel closer to G'd. 

aretha franklin @ muscle shoals

I love music.

I love how it unites the beauty we see with the comforting touch we experience,

I love how music is a warm and encompassing hug for my ears.

Music is another way of communicating, another way of seeing, another way of experiencing.

Music saves my soul and brings me closer to humanity.

I feel it in my body, I feel it in my head.  I feel it behind my eyes.  I feel it in my gut.  I feel it in my heart.  

Music will heal our souls and save the human connection.

roger hawkins recording @ muscle shoals

*          *          *

I couldn't even watch the whole thing...  I was feeling so many feelings and aching to be behind my drumkit or have even a thimble-full of ability to sing like Etta or Aretha.  Muscle Shoals, the incredible documentary about the legendary sounds that kept coming out of Fame Studio in Alabama, is beyond magical for any musician or music lover to get swallowed up in.   From early blues to the first ounce of southern rock (I clapped) and beyond, this place has magic water which makes good sounds for my ears happen.

Do watch the movie and tell me what you felt.  Muscle Shoals